I. Eligible Applicants

Any non-profit group or organization with the following criteria can apply:

  1. Must be organized;
  2. Must assume full legal and supervisory responsibilities for the effective implementation of the project;
  3. Must be able to provide reports on time and to keep records.


II.Application Process

  1. Applicants must submit their letter proposal or concept paper to:




  1. The letter proposal must contain (1) brief project description, (2) objectives and number of target beneficiaries, (3) project site, (4) project budget, and (5) contact details of proponent.
  2. The letter proposal or concept paper that will pass the initial screening will be visited by the ASF staff for the development of a full-blown proposal. Additional documents may be requested.
  3. The ASF Board of Trustees decides on the approval or disapproval of the proposal. If approved, a draft Agreement Form attached to approval letter is forwarded to the proponent.
  4. The ASF conducts an orientation meeting in the community followed by the signing of
  5. Mid-term narrative and financial reports must be submitted. Monitoring visits are conducted by ASF.
  6. A terminal report (financial and narrative) is required at the end of the project implementation. The ASF will conduct a post-funding evaluation of the project.







The ASF continues to monitor the project for at least three (3) years after the implementation.


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Project proposal Guide in English

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